About Us


It's all about YOU

At Si...Bridal, it's simple. Our carefully chosen designer dresses make sure to put the emphasis on YOU, the bride, and your uniqueness and style. Dress shopping is a crucial part of the wedding experience and we treat it as such. Si....Bridal was launched with a desire to offer high-fashion, chic gowns to all of you fashionista brides out there! 

The dress should be all about you, show off your unique style, inner and outer beauty and your personality. This is why we have focused on high quality and individuality when selecting our dresses. We hand-pick the best designers who have a distinctive look with YOU fashionista brides in mind. This is why we can exclusively offer bridal designers that cannot be found elsewhere in the North East area, saving you chic brides a trip down to the London boutiques.

Our team will support you through each and every step when making that all important decision, with our personalized service where YOU remain our only focus. To provide this bespoke service, we ask that you contact us to book an appointment so we can devote our undivided attention to you.